Perhaps you have heard the commercials for York College on the radio, which always end with the question: “What did you learn today?” That is a good question to put to Christians, too. Being a Christian requires continual growth in faith, so that we will be fully mature in Christ (Ephesians 4). There are several educational opportunities for you at St. Paul Church. They are listed below.

We encourage children, youth, and adults to attend both worship and Faith Formation. We worship the faith we are taught, and we learn the faith we worship.


Faith Formation on Sundays

Children (Birth-Grade 6), Youth (Grade 7-12), and Adults meet on Sunday mornings for the Faith Formation Hour from 10:30am-11:30am. Faith Formation Hour runs from the week after Labor Day until the week before Memorial Day.

Augsburg Bible Study A Bible study that follows the lectionary cycle. Meets in the church parlor.
Adult Forum This class also discusses various topics of Christian issues. The class meets downstairs in the fellowship hall.

Holy Communion Milestone

Our children receive instruction in the meaning and practice of Holy Communion yearly, usually during Lent. First Communion instruction is not based on age, but when parents think their children are interested in learning about and receiving communion and can understand basic instruction on the sacrament.

Confirmation Ministry

Confirmation ministry marks the completion of the parent’s promise to raise and educate their children in the Christian faith and the beginning of the young person’s acceptance of responsibility for their own growth in faith. Our program is a two-year program for youth in grades 7-8.  It consists of the following elements: Faith Formation classes, participation in worship, service projects . Catechetical students are confirmed by Affirmation of Baptism (Lutheran Book of Worship, p. 198).


The church library maintains an active and growing library of Christian books and videos, which may be checked out for use. The library is located on the main floor of the church, adjacent to the Fellowship Hall.

Vacation Bible School

This program for children ages 3-12 is held during summer, in partnership with other churches in the town of Spring Grove.

Bible Studies

We offer Bible Study opportunities for members to grow in faith and understanding of our Lord. Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m.

New Member Classes

New Member classes are usually held in the Spring and Fall, when there is a group of people interested in joining the church.