Call Committee January Update

The Call Committee has been formed and met three times throughout the month of January to begin the process of calling a new pastor to St. Paul.  Completing a Ministry Site Profile is the first task of the committee; this, in essence, a ‘resume’ for the church, and will include background on our congregation, our traditions and our hopes for a new pastor.

The committee is made of up 6 members, with 2 alternate votes. Committee members include:  Kelly Garrett (President), Robin Hamme, Sue Cross, Jayne Murphy, Lora Marks, Emily Wryk, Brent Hoffman and Katy King. Members of the committee were recommended and appointed by the Church Council.

A brief informational session will be held on Sunday, February 11, following the worship service.  At this time, the committee will share the status of the call process and take questions from the congregation. Please note that this meeting will conclude before Faith Formation Hour. If you should have comments, questions or concerns that you would like to address with the committee, please feel free to send them to the committee’s joint email address at You may also submit comments in the wooden box outside of the nave.

A follow-up Informational Meeting is planned for Wednesday, March 14 during the Lenten Soup Supper.

For those unfamiliar with the call process (which is most of us!), the following graphic outlines the 12 steps to calling our new leader. Our congregation is currently on step 3, with hopes to move into the next steps within the next two months.

Thank you for you patience as we move through this process!